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About Seven Lakes Technologies

Seven Lakes Technologies was founded in 2009 by Shiva Rajagopalan, an Oil and Gas industry expert, who developed enterprise analytics and workflow software solutions designed for upstream operators to optimize oil production while maximizing cashflow.

Since then, Seven Lakes Technologies has grown into a company with over 40 independent and mid-major Oil and Gas companies located in Denver, Houston, Dallas, Midland, Bakersfield, Pittsburgh and Oklahoma City. Our technology empowers people to gain insights and take timely action on Production, Capex, Opex, Reserves, Regulatory and Compliance metrics of over 100,000 wells of the 1 million wells in the US.


Our management team brings together years of expertise in Oil and Gas, SaaS, Analytics and Workflow Solutions. Together they're working toward the goal of creating a family of products and solutions designed to serve people in modern-day Oil and Gas Organizations.