The feasibility of any solution is assessed by its users. In the case of field data gathering/ FDG solutions, the end users are often not the primary buyers or decision makers. This has led to a generation of FDG solutions that are disconnected from the needs of the field personnel, and far more centered on back-office production needs. Whereas the field teams need eyes on all the areas that drive production –inspections, expenses and several other costs of doing business items that can make a positive difference on the bottom line.

Choosing an FDG Solution

Choosing an FDG Solution

Our customers have navigated this field optimization journey putting advanced analytics, smart automation, responsive user interfaces and intuitive navigation in the hands of their field personnel. While gathering production data is critical to running the business, that is no longer an acceptable place for software solutions to stop innovation.

To support field operations in today’s highly optimized world, our customers consider three major criteria while choosing their production software solutions:


Create, Assess and Validate the Business Case

There is wisdom in the saying, “business problems create business value.” One of our customers continues to grow rapidly, and they were struggling with the lack of speed and agility in decision making on the ground. This leading North American energy major producer was keen to improve the cycle time from capturing data to decision making. The customer also wanted to identify areas that needed immediate attention for prioritizing operation. They needed actionable insights in the hands of business users and an easy to configure mobile delivery.  The business case needs to be clear, and that must be attached to the performance improvement in the field. With a focus on improving the experience of lease operators and giving them the insights on production, compliance, and expenses throughout the day, our customer drove a stronger business case internally.

Build an IT- Business Partnership

IT may have the vision and willingness to drive technology-led transformation, but till the time business sees the value, the change will not take on the adoption required for business success.  Many of our customers who create powerful field transformation build a close and complementary relationship between IT and operations.

Often this partnership translated to side-by-side ride along by IT during field solution deployment; reaching out to key field team influencers throughout the selection process; providing software vendors clear access to the end users from the beginning.  Continuous engagement with the stakeholders at all levels contributes to build robust systems and drive the choice of the right solution, one that gets optimally leveraged once implemented.

Look for Strategic Vision in your Partner

Who should you partner with? Our customers consistently consider a solution that goes beyond the transactional value of today. They look for a partner who is not just providing them a solution to the immediate issue at hand but also has the strategic vision that aligns with their long-term business objectives. Our customers market moves rapidly, and so must any of the technologies serving them. A pin-hole view of your service provider will only serve a limited purpose. A strategic partnership will go a long way in helping you achieve excellence and market dominance, among other things you set out to achieve.

What do you consider critical in selecting FDG solutions? I would love to hear from you.