Picking up 5 strong statements from Shiva’s recent article on The American Oil & Gas Reporter. You can read the original blog here: Demanding More From Production Technology Means Identifying Results



“If the observable benefits seem more nebulous within the oil and gas operations space, it is not because the technology cannot make real impacts today. Production leaders simply need to know what to demand.”


“Every oil field is different, as is every product, crew and worker. Each possesses unique characteristics that call for a distinct approach.”


“All wells deplete. That means the race is on to meet production targets while keeping a keen eye on profitability. With this in mind, it may be easy to conclude that operating expense and production targets go hand-in-hand. The field, more specifically the lease operator, must be empowered with both.”


“Operators must present their software as service (SaaS) venders with the two very specific demands:

 They must require dynamic routing ….by utilizing artificial intelligence, dynamic routing (read more) puts an oil and gas producer in a proactive stance that allows it to focus on highly productive assets that require attention, rather than devoting roughly equal time to all tasks, regardless of urgency.

They need to capture accurate run tickets through text and image recognition (see demo)… consider the inefficiencies that surround the traditional system. Simple data tracking mistakes can wreak havoc, but it is time-consuming to triple-check.”


“Ambitious oil and gas executives already have begun demanding more results from their production technology. Unsatisfied with endless talk of future potential and hype-filled graphic presentations, they are insisting on acquiring the most advanced AI-driven automation systems for their operations. These savvy executives are saving millions of dollars for their companies, carrying their organizations into the future with tangible results that are beautiful to behold.



Which one do you like the most? Read the original blog on The American Oil & Gas Reporter