Legacy production software vendors count on you believing change is hard. 

Whether you use grease sheets or painfully outdated legacy systems, vendors count on customers believing change is hard and expensive.  They know you are heads down pushing hard to optimize production and expense numbers, and you’ll do so without demanding more of your vendors. So, with no threat in site, legacy vendors have no incentive to innovate at the pace of your business.

Advanced technologies bust through software myths and create value today.

With today’s technologies, there is no need to live with these myths about your production software.  We’ll show you how ground-breaking investments in IT systems reduced downtime and production costs with an operator with over 1,200+ wells.  They increased production 7-9% YOY overall. Implementing innovative systems and processes to optimize current assets played a significant role in that achievement.

Now, it’s your turn to generate more value from your IT investments.  Let’s start by tackling six myths about production software that potentially has you leaving significant money on the table.


Myth #1: Routes are fixed and unreasonable to re-prioritize on the fly.


Today’s field supervisors are CFO’s of the assets they oversee.  The game is no longer about setting fixed routes.  The field’s power unleashes when they can dynamically make decisions based on prioritized financial inputs.

  • When production drops below target, operators should be prompted immediately. Receive and setup alerts based on events, new information, or location.


Myth #2: It’s Impossible to get daily production numbers.


Today’s world requires looking at the scoreboard all the time. So, we believe that production allocation should run in minutes, not hours to allow for more real-time numbers. Also, smart design can stem data issues that cause delays. The application should have multiple fail-safes from start to finish.

  • Expose data errors for correction through exception reporting. Make it available to the entire user base and watch the magic of visibility.


Myth #3: Mobile technologies leads to more data loss and discrepancy.


With enterprise grade data connectors and intuitive mobile design, the opposite of data discrepancy happens. Data quality improves and becomes much more useful because everyone trusts the information more.

  • Configure a powerful data quality engine. Ensure each data field has character limits, min/max ranges, decimal logic and, comment requirements. Create active and passive business rules enforcements.


Myth #4: Getting accurate insight means wrestling data from multiple systems into one place.


We believe that daily field work should be built around instant access to full company knowledge base. With easy data access and standardized reporting, the field can engage with up-to-the-minute performance data and immediate interventions.

  • Provide a powerful production dashboard and reporting for well test readings, daily production volume, downtime and, production loss. All in one place, viewed by and created for everyone from the pumper to the COO.


Myth #5: We need an enterprise product release for a simple new data field.


Sadly, many oil and gas operators with legacy systems have waited as long as two years to get a simple data field added.  Changing or adding fields in the user interface should be a simple change on the admin’s console, something the field admin or production analyst can handle on their own. Not a full-blown product update.

  • Expect an extensible data architecture to capture any type of data, on any type of equipment, at any frequency desired.


Myth #6: Core system integrations are complicated, lengthy and expensive.


It’s true, oil and gas built core systems were built without intention to talk to each other. But, it should no longer be a heavy custom job to overcome those limitations.

  • Seek out software with an extensive library of readymade connectors that natively read your core systems’ data logic with ease for IT to own and control.  Make it critical for the library to have the most common systems.

We must bust through technology myths that hold the business hostage. We must demand from legacy software vendors innovation at the speed of your business today.


Your field and operations teams are ready to level up.  Savvy IT organizations recognize how much more they can squeeze from existing systems and production assets when they unshackle operations team from legacy systems limitations.

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