Peter Yee, Director of IT, and Colten Sander, Landman, from Jones Energy share their journey in implementing Rig Scheduler and Well Lifecycle Manager to improve the capital planning process. Learn what happens when a self-serve-lean-efficient operation like Jones Energy meets a technology willing to flexibly bend to their requirements. Peter and Colten explain how they have leveraged Seven Lakes’ solutions to get wells online 10% faster and reduce high cost rig days.

By equipping teams with Rig Scheduler and Well Lifecycle Manager they are able to:

  • Hold stakeholders accountable in meetings with visible permit workflow updates and attached documents
  • Visualize impact on NPTs instantly and enabling teams to take immediate corrective steps
  • Model multiple scenarios and their impact on capex budgets and production targets

Jones Energy is now permitting efficiently, optimizing rig days, and meeting production targets without additional resources using our Well Lifecycle Manager and Rig Scheduler software solutions.

Watch this short video to learn how our customer maintains a lean operation, and adds strategic value throughout the well lifecycle process.

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