A Tour ‘d Force of True Pump by Exception in Oilfield

EVOLVE 2018, Seven Lakes Technologies’ second annual customer summit was filled with the most respected voices in oil and gas who are embracing disruptive technologies to do more with the same.  Attendees discussed how Cloud, Mobility, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are solving last mile connectivity challenges in the field. 

ExxonMobil, the biggest oil and gas producer in the world, also shared their experience with JOYN and how they are delivering on the promise of last mile connectivity in the oilfield. Exxon discussed giving back up to two hours per day, per operator and how they are able to increase adoption of technology in the field. Carefully listening were other large operators from rapid-growth areas in the Permian, Bakken, and Marcellus areas. 

The highlight of the event was the launch of JOYN 2, the industry’s first pump by exception mobile app for everyone in the oilfield.  The attendees participated in a Live Lab Experience of JOYN 2.   Leaders from IT, operations and production accounting explored JOYN 2 and its:

  • Resource to Task Matching Engine that uses artificial intelligence to assess complex variables and connect critical tasks to most suited resource based on priority, skills and proximity.
  • Intelligent Task Workflow that enables unified view of tasks and status for every field worker.
  • Instrumentation Data Integration Engine that links multiple SCADA and enterprise systems onto one platform and geographically fences alerts to ensure efficiency and safety.

The unique experience demonstrated the latest innovations built for oilfields, beyond the rhetoric and power point presentations.

“What I see here is the passion to create solutions for oilfield, this passion is clearly visible and is very refreshing, unlike other conferences that are completely sales focused”, claimed Colin Cowie, Sr. Manager, Encana.

“This truly was the best and most useful conference I’ve been to yet. I really appreciate the “behind the curtain” look at JOYN 2, and the ability to give our input while the product is still in development!”, said Catherine King, Sr, Business Analyst, SM Energy.

Some of the themes discussed during the summit include:

Changing the Game in the Oilfield – Maggy Burns shared her experience in the Exxon oilfield in breaking barriers to change. According to her workers are more open to adopt new technology if they see demonstrated value. When they experience the ease and see an impact on their efficiency, they gravitate to transformation. However, an early on intensive training on how to make the best of the tools at hands makes adoption much easier and faster.

Shifting from Grease Book to Live Production Numbers – Oilfields are no longer distracted by field data capture, for when the Lease Operators leave a battery they see the production numbers coming in. The foremen and superintendents don’t wait for days to know which oil produced what volume of oil or gas. The Live Tracking ability of JOYN has made yesterday’s tools redundant.

Seamless Communication with Everyone in Oilfield: JOYN has made field interact with each other and back office at will, bridging the last mile communication gap and removing opacity and guess work. “You can use the media you can take pictures you can do video you can call each other… everyone gets the same alerts, they are all following the same thread, like a Facebook. They can talk to the expert in that field to work through an issue versus dispatching someone for a small thing such as a compressor fix.” To discover more on enabling pump by exception for everyone in oilfield and to follow conversations at EVOLVE 2018, click here.