Oil & Gas Mergers and Acquisitions occur with the intent of gaining efficiencies and adding value to both sides of the equation by expediting the focus to extract value from the wellsite. However, O&G M&A is often filled with time spent integrating vast amounts of data.

This may include items such as lease agreements, JIB accounting, net revenue interests, payouts, working interests, section, township, range, latitudes, longitudes, Jeffersonian/Non Jeffersonian and these are just a small handful among the swaths of data present needing to be transferred.

Compounding the problem further is the fact that different companies store this data in different formats and different software systems such as Quorum, Enertia, SAP, or MS Excel sheets and at times even on paper.

All of the above slows down the process of moving on from completing the M&A to extracting value. We run the full gamut of O&G M&A expertise – business, operational and IT strategies, work processes and software tools – all to provide a smooth end to end experience so you can get back to doing what you do best – extracting value from the wellsite!

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