Get Production Data LIVE with Joyn!

How mobile is your oilfield? Are you able to establish closed loop connectivity with your Lease Operators and bridge the last mile gap for production optimization?

These issues are easily fixed with technologies that enable real-time information visibility and allow you to get production data live!  With Joyn Live Tracking you can track your Lease Operator’s location and see production numbers as they are being entered in the field. It enables real-time production data with live map-based tracking of routes, showing yield and time spent on each well, as the Lease Operators make their rounds.

Even if the Lease Operator is in an area of no connectivity, you can be assured of the feed as soon as they get back into connectivity with the auto sync feature.

With Live Tracking on Joyn, you can save the day faster than before!

Watch this short video to learn how to deliver on “last mile lease operator connectivity” as part of the digital oil field vision.