The oil and gas sector is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing industries with frequent acquisitions and mergers.  In a high growth environment, it’s key to manage data the right way.  This wil build performance and accountability within your organization to meet business objectives.  Objectives which can only be met when you manage data the right way.

Manage Data the Right Way to Set Your Operations Up for Success

“The whole concept was that the organization (mostly Operations) would trust the information that we were going to put in front of them.  Engineering and accounting types, they love to dig into data and create their own deals and access their databases but once we were able to show them the first report and dashboard, they said, “Wow, this is really cool you! You just saved me time.”  For downtime analytics, it would take engineers two weeks to develop and pull all of the data but now they were doing it in seconds.”

Watch this short video and learn how Patrick Seals, former VP of IT at LINN Energy, was able to effectively integrate data from newly acquired assets.   He equipped his team with a single source of truth that improved decisions on production, over-budget AFEs, and down wells.  By allowing everyone from the corporate to the field to trust their data, they are able to take shared action to driver better business outcomes.

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