Everything in Oil & Gas operations revolves around data; field data gathering, land documents, reservoir analysis, drilling and completions reports, and financial statements. In the center of it all is the Information Technology (IT) department.  With this position, IT has the ability to affect the bottom-line by enabling operations to maximize Production, CAPEX and OPEX. Learn how Mike Joplin, Director of IT at Oasis Petroleum, is driving his organization to utilize technology and focus on collaboration by viewing the same reports to improve field operations, and reduce LOE.

Mike Joplin, Director of IT at Oasis Petroleum, at a Seven Lakes event- Why did Oasis seek out analytics solutions? – “It was a byproduct of rapid growth, as a smaller organization, somebody had certain siloed data. The CEO would go to this person and say I want to know how a specific well is doing.  At that time, the data was an asset.  But, as you grow, more and more people rely on this data and that asset had now turned into a liability. So, essentially what we did is an “underground search and destroy”- found these pockets of siloed data and found ways to optimize that data and put it into a database where other users can use it. Optimizing the process to find and provide better data.”

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