Whether you use grease sheets or painfully outdated legacy systems, software vendors count on customers believing change is hard and expensive. With today’s technologies, there is no need to live these myths about your production software. In Myth #1, we’ll show you how ground-breaking investments in IT systems reduced downtime and production costs for an Oil & Gas operator with over 1,200+ wells.  They increased production 1-2% YoY overall by implementing innovative systems and processes.  Now, it’s your turn to generate more value from your IT investments by exposing this important myth that potentially has you leaving significant money on the table.

Myth #1: Routes Are Fixed and Unreasonable to Reprioritize on the Fly.


Cut down 1-2 hours of field work per operator by dynamically routing operators.

Today’s field supervisors are CFOs of the assets they oversee.  The game is no longer about setting fixed routes.  The field’s power unleashes when they can dynamically make decisions based on prioritized financial inputs.

  • Dynamically route and re-prioritize operators to highest importance assets, based on well downtime, production deferment, tank inventory limits, compliance inspections, and more.
  • When production drops below target, operators should be prompted immediately. Receive and setup alerts based on events, new information or location.
  • Use geo-fencing to tag asset locations and easily get to the nearest asset work on.

Your field and operations teams are ready to level up.  Savvy IT organizations recognize how much more they can squeeze from existing systems and production assets when they unshackle operations team from legacy systems limitations.  We must bust through technology myths that holds the business hostage. We must demand from legacy software vendors innovation at the speed of your business today.

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