Whether you use grease sheets or painfully outdated legacy systems, software vendors count on customers believing change is hard and expensive. With today’s technologies, there is no need to live these myths about your production software. Myth #5 will show you how ground-breaking investments in IT systems reduced downtime and production costs for an Oil & Gas operator with over 1,200+ wells.  They increased production 1-2% YoY overall by implementing innovative systems and processes.  Now, it’s your turn to generate more value from your IT investments by exposing this important myth that potentially has you leaving significant money on the table.

Myth #5: Capturing even one new data field means an enterprise-wide product rollout.


Improve compliance by setting up and deploying new forms in a matter of few clicks.

Sadly, many of our customers, when they first come to us, have waited as long as two years to get a simple data field added.  Changing or adding fields in the user interface should be a simple change on the admin’s console, something the field admin or production analyst can handle on their own. Not a full-blown product update.

  • Expect an extensible data architecture to capture any type of data, on any type of equipment, at any frequency desired.

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