Whether you use grease sheets or painfully outdated legacy systems, software vendors count on customers believing change is hard and expensive. With today’s technologies, there is no need to live these myths about your production software.  Myth #6 will show you how ground-breaking investments in IT systems reduced downtime and production costs for an Oil & Gas operator with over 1,200+ wells.  They increased production 1-2% YoY overall by implementing innovative systems and processes.  Now, it’s your turn to generate more value from your IT investments by exposing this important myth that potentially has you leaving significant money on the table.

Myth #6: Core system integrations are complicated, lengthy and expensive.


Demand out of the box integration for oil and gas systems.

It’s true, oil and gas built core systems were built without intention to talk to each other. But, it should no longer be a heavy custom job to overcome those limitations.

  • Seek out software with an extensive library of readymade connectors that natively read your core systems’ data logic with ease for IT to own and control.  Make it critical for the library to have the most common systems – Enertia, SAP, Aries, BOLO, Quorum, OSI PI and several others.

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