You are under pressure to manage more assets with the same field resource. You are looking for your field to respond faster and fine-tune vendor costs, wrench time, drive time and protect production baseline.

You want to digitize pump by exception but need support on how to champion value internally. Or, you already pump by exception and cannot scale past few areas because of optimization requires lengthy internal development process.


A Demo and Q&A session
with our resident Field Service Management expert, Shrivan Kamdar, will help you learn about

  • Route-less optimization of critical tasks
  • Level loading tasks intuitively based on risk and materiality
  • Integrated scheduling and vendor management
  • Uber-like broadcast dispatching
  • Geo-fenced live tracking of task performance

Shrivan will also answer any pump by exception related queries which you might have.

Shrivan Kamdar is a Senior Product Manager for JOYN Field Services Management.

Shrivan brings 15 years of experience in mission critical oilfield optimization systems. He currently leads strategic pump by exception initiatives with JOYN customers, from super majors to large independent upstream oil and gas operators. Find him on

JOYN Field Services Management

is a natural extension of the JOYN platform to give each of your field workers hours back. Watch the demo video here: