You want a cost-effective way to manage production, and that means covering much more with the same.

Your field can no longer spend 2+ hours each day entering data in three different places. Foremen need accurate daily allocations at the beginning of each day. Production analysts cannot afford to spend half their day tracking down data exceptions with lease operators.


A Demo and Q&A session
with our resident Production Allocation expert, Hari Dutt, will help you understand and experience

  • market leading field data gathering mobile app
  • intuitive network management
  • integration and data quality best practices
  • real-time production and downtime analytics and reports

Hari will also address any daily allocation related queries which you might have.

Hari Dutt is a Senior Product Manager for JOYN Field Data Gathering and JOYN Production Allocation.

Hari brings over 15 years of experience in mission critical upstream oil and gas systems. In addition to innovating on cloud-based production systems, he also leads implementation teams for customers ranging from super majors and large independents to mid-sized and small upstream oil and gas companies.

JOYN Field Data Gathering, JOYN Production Allocation and JOYN Analytics are part of a platform designed to give each of your field workers and production analysts 2+ hrs back. Watch the demo video here: