August 13, 2019

Pump By Exception Mastermind Nuggets

The largest supermajor and other top Permian oil and gas leaders collaborate for the first time to define the future of field optimization with JOYN
August 11, 2019

Enabling Connected Oilfield

Shiva Rajagopalan, CEO Seven Lakes Technologies, shares his vision to enable connected oilfields, where field personnel pump by exception and communicate seamlessly with JOYN 2.
August 10, 2019

JOYN 2 – Pump by Exception

JOYN 2 brings you the first fully connected oilfield harnessing disruptive technologies for meaningful automation that direct workers to the most suited tasks, instantly.
August 9, 2019

Journey from Static Routes to Route-less Oilfields with JOYN

Fully connected, route-less oilfields are the ultimate destination in route optimization journey. Choose your entry point based on your business context and priority with JOYN, recommends Shrivan Kamdar, Sr. Product Manager, Seven Lakes Technologies
August 9, 2019

JOYN 2 – demo

JOYN 2 enables pump by exception by matching the best worker with the most critical tasks, communicates to everyone when the task is done and, synthesizes terabytes of data for prioritised action.
August 9, 2019

The Day in the Life of an MSO

Discover How JOYN 2 Transforms His Day With Route-less Operations
August 8, 2019

JOYN FDG Demo Video

JOYN FDG, AI based oil and gas production software fueling the modern pumper to reduce LOE and improve operational efficiency.
August 8, 2019

The Day in the Life of a Field Technician

Discover How JOYN 2 Transforms His Day With Intuitive Mobility
August 8, 2019

JOYN Saves Supermajor 1000+ Hours a Month in Oilfield with Integrated SCADA Well Tests

Learn how SCADA integration automates Well Tests to save a supermajor 1000+ hours per month in an oilfield.
August 7, 2019

JOYN FDG Live Tracking

JOYN FDG Live Tracking of your operators helps to optimize routes down to the stop level. You can track and correlate time spent at each stop based on recurring maintenance issues, down wells and production volumes.
August 7, 2019

Scale the Shale with Pump by Exception Platform

Connected oilfields powered by artificial intelligence, cloud and mobility are now a reality with JOYN 2. Learn more.
August 6, 2019

EH&S Readings Configured on JOYN for Field Safety Compliance

Learn how field safety compliance is simplified with AVO readings and EH&S forms on JOYN.