AFE Analytics

Provide stakeholders with clear, useful and meaningful insights into CAPEX. With invoice level drill-downs into AFEs and cost centers

  • Drill down to view expenses at the AFE, cost center or assist level. View actual images of vendor invoices
  • Produce customized reporting in chart, graph or line-item formats
  • Calibrate actuals, budget and field estimates in one place
  • Monitor AFEs over budget
  • Prioritize AFEs for cost monitoring and savings
  • Improve CAPEX forecasting, planning and sensitivity
  • Accounting/ERP
  • Economics and reserves
  • Well ops/management
  • Document management

Identify Overbudget AFEs

See overbudget AFEs for action

Budget vs Actuals

Ensure budgets, actuals and field estimates are aligned

Invoice Drilldown

Drill down to act on invoices

AFE Analytics
AFE Analytics
AFE Analytics