Telemetry Support

Dynamic Routing

Equip your field personnel to pump by exception with FDG’s dynamic routing capabilities. This field data capture solution creates algorithms with ease to maximize production efficiency by routing field personnel to the highest priority assets based on factors such as well downtime, production deferment, tank inventory limits, compliance inspections and much more.

Improved Data Quality

Eliminate fat-fingering and control data quality during field data capture. Configure automated data validations on each data field with character limits, min/max ranges, decimal logic, comment requirements, active and passive business rules enforcements and much more.

Flexible Data Capture

Keep up with a changing and dynamic business conditions. Capture any type of data, on any type of equipment, at any frequency desired. Improve production by configuring downtime sub-categories; quickly adapt to new regulations such as BLM orders or GHG requirements much more using FDG’s unique EAV (Entity Attribute Value) data model.

Mobile Enablement

Equip your personnel to maximize production efficiency on a platform of your choice. Seven Lakes’ field data capture solution is available on iOS on the iPhone and iPad as well as on any Windows 7+ computer.

Fastest Allocation Engine

Do not wait hours, days or weeks to run allocations. Seven Lakes’ FDG provides the world’s fastest allocation engine. Allocate oil, gas and water on complex systems in minutes.

Integration Connectors

Leverage your existing field automation investments. Connect to and bring in data from SCADA and Historical systems real-time with Seven Lakes’ connectors for systems like OSI-PI, CygNet, XSPOC, eLynx, Wonderware, and others.

AI Fuels
the Modern

Dynamic Routing Boosts O&G Production


"Lease operators need to be able to see the big picture. If they understood the ramifications of shutting in a well and actually saw how much it costs, they will make a bigger drive to properly manage the asset."

Mike Joplin

Director of IT at Oasis Petroleum

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