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Capture Anything & Custom Forms

Capture any type of data including wells, tanks, meters, any other type of equipment, EH&S, chemicals, run ticket images, and geo-location tags. Capture data on any object outside of typical production systems. Now you can capture vehicle mileage, and different inspection details. Imagine now going to one place to capture all the details of a leak – if the tanks were labelled properly, any corrosion detected, or any visible odors.

Average Back

Sometimes capturing data means filling in the blanks. For example, we average back the data for tanks that you don’t visit every day.

Intraday & Infrequent Readings

For readings such as tank gauges, chemical injections, flowback that sometimes require multiple in a day, we’ve got your covered. On the flipside, readings like well site inspections happen infrequently, we ensure that you’re able to see the last few consecutive readings and calibrate accordingly.

Carry Forward

JOYN offers data carry forward to align with production accounting rules.

Data Validation

JOYN logs data in multiple places assuring zero data loss. Eliminate fat-fingering and control data quality during field data capture. Configure automated data validation rules on each data field with character limits, min/max range, decimal logic, comment requirements, active and passive business rules enforcement and much more.

Workorder Management

Work orders are no longer a black box for the field personnel. Empower the lease operator to raise their own requests and track the status without needing any translation from support staff. Lose nothing in translation when a lease operator orders spares for equipment and waste no time or extra effort in updating lease operator in a timely manner. The lease operator is now able to do an additional job, instead of chasing paper. Read more.

Data Recovery

JOYN logs data in multiple places assuring zero data loss.


Run Ticket Recognition

On JOYN for iOS, lease operators can automatically capture run ticket data by simply snapping a picture of a run ticket. No more laborious manual data entry – just click a pic, review and save. Now, imagine you have 200 lease operators and each spends around 30 minutes daily, manually entering the data. You end up saving close to 6000 minutes or 100 hours per day. Watch video.

Multiple Platforms

Equip your field to maximize production efficiency on iOS or Windows. JOYN’s innovation leverages iOS capabilities in a way that surpasses other platforms with features like geolocation, touch ID, high-quality picture recognition, and much more.

Offline Capability, Auto-Sync & Auto Navigation

With field locations often in remote areas, JOYN ensures that your team is able to capture data offline in a local database which can be synced whenever connectivity is available. With JOYN data sync is not left up to chance. Your data automatically syncs as long as there is an internet connection. We believe the data should show up without having to search for it, especially when on a route. As the lease operator pulls up to a stop, JOYN alerts the operator, and shows all stop related objects.

Live Tracking

Optimize routes down to the stop level. Track and correlate time spent at each stop based on recurring maintenance issues, down wells and production volumes.


Exception Framework

Highlight SCADA issues such as stuck, missing and out of range readings for lease operators to review and correct as necessary.

Dynamic Routing

Equip your operations managers and field personnel to pump by exception with dynamic routing capabilities. JOYN creates routing algorithms to the highest priority assets based on factors such as well downtime, production deferment, tank inventory limits, compliance inspections and much more.

Operator Scheduling

JOYN automates your pre-defined schedules to reflect in the daily routes. Now you can schedule routes daily based on business priorities of each well, battery, or piece of equipment. With JOYN, we feed the actual stop sequencing so that your estimates can be based on real-time data, constantly improving route efficiency. Imagine using that extra lease operator time gained to fit in an additional plunger lift job that yields 200 barrels for a high value asset.

Alerts & Notifications

Reach lease operators throughout the day with the latest business priorities. JOYN provides predefined alerts and notifications on battery level, production variance, well site inspections, meter variances, environmental issues, and much more.

Allocation Engine

JOYN delivers a highly efficient daily allocation engine. Do not wait hours, days
or weeks to run allocations. Allocate oil, gas and water on complex systems in


SCADA/ Telemetry Support

Leverage your existing field automation investments. Connect to and bring in data SCADA and Historical systems real-time with JOYN’s connectors for systems like OSI-PI, Cygnet, XSPOC, eLynx, Wonderware and others.


Provide self-serve reports to your field that they can review captured data immediately. Avoid wait time and hassling back office support.


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