G&A Analytics

Get detailed insights into G&A performance and remove unnecessary expenditures to optimize your bottom line and sustain long term profitability

  • Drill down to view expenses at the cost center or asset level; and view actual images of vendor invoices
  • Produce customized reporting in chart, graph or line-item formats
  • Monitor G&A by BOE, and G&A by Employee
  • Monitor cost centers over budget
  • Access financials in a segmented and aggregated manner to create superior insights into overhead performance
  • Prioritize G&A categories for cost savings
  • Improve G&A forecasting, planning and sensitivity analysis
  • Accounting/ERP
  • Document Management

Sort by Category

Gain insights into top G&A categories

Invoice Drilldown

Drill down to act on invoices

Budget vs Actuals

Equip cost center owners to ensure actuals align with your budget