LOS Analytics

Equip your operations team with detailed insights into Lease Operating Statement (LOS) expenditures to optimize your OPEX costs

  • Drill down to view expenses at the cost center or asset level; view actual images of vendor invoices
  • Audit invoices for situations such as incorrect allocation to properties, duplicate invoices and miscoding
  • Visualize a snapshot of highest LOE expense categories, and reduce expenses by impact level
  • Identify best-performing and worst-performing wells based on operating margin, lifting cost or expenses
  • Trend historical costs to determine which properties to maintain
  • Monitor LOE at multiple hierarchical levels
  • Track budget and actuals to enable cost planning
  • Prioritize low-performance leases for cost savings action to drive down inefficient LOE categories
  • Improve forecasting, planning and sensitivity analysis
  • Accounting/ERP
  • Document management