Save Hours Per Day
on Production Allocation


Allocations in Near-Real Time

No more overnight data runs. Ever! JOYN PA makes oilfield data available to everyone who needs it in near-real-time as it’s gathered in the field, extracted from other systems, and synched in the Cloud. With continuously available data, managing production networks becomes a simple "click" and "drag and drop" operation that can be performed whenever you desire.     Allocations in Near-Real Time

Daily Allocation Dashboard

With JOYN PA, view your networks and identify trouble spots at a glance: unexplained inventory drawdowns, an allocation watchlist that you configure, and wells that you’ve flagged for deeper analysis. When wells are underperforming or networks have insufficient data for allocation, you’ll have the visibility to track the challenge and take needed actions without delay.     daily allocation dashboard

Data Quality

As soon as data is entered and synched, field operators validate that data in the field on their mobile devices using JOYN PA. The best time to improve data quality is when it’s captured – not days later with you tracking down an LO for a new reading. You’ll get back hours per day you’d otherwise spend chasing phone calls and emails. Instead, you’ll have fresh, good quality data at your fingertips every minute of your day.   Data Quality

Formula Meters

Formulas from simple to complex are now just a few keystrokes away with the JOYN PA Expression Builder. No more writing tickets and wait for IT to code your allocation formulas. Craft them yourself and, based on criteria that you define, and instantly determine whether data from a network is sufficiently robust for allocation. The power’s in your hands.


Confidence & Control

JOYN has a constantly fresh stream of data – and it grants you complete flexibility in governing who can access it, who can read it, who can edit at every step. Users can be given data that’s focused right where they need it, constrained by a geographic area for example.

Flexibility for Every Worker

Production analysts can easily edit their networks and create new ones as needed. Power users can freely access and edit data as needed. and IT can manage system security and licensing to keep costs under control. And read-only access can be granted for those who need visibility.

Use Case on Daily Allocation Automating Well Volumes in Near-Real-Time
Saves Two Hours or More per Day