Production Analytics

Empower operations to reallocate time and resources from data aggregation to production optimization. Monitor daily production variance, targets and loss analysis, along with downtime categories

  • Track multiple products (oil, gas and water)
  • Monitor production trends, well status, downtime and production loss
  • Benchmark KPIs for actuals and forecasts
  • Monitor operating parameters such as well bore and tubing pressure. Compare them with downtime and field jobs
  • Cater insights and performance goals by business unit or region
  • Production optimization
  • Benchmark regions
  • Understand field job effectiveness on production
  • Enhanced CAPEX/OPEX management
  • Provides insights for optimal prioritization of wells for CAPEX/OPEX plans
  • Accounting/ERP
  • Economics and reserves
  • Well ops/management
  • Production accounting

Production vs Forecast

See daily production vs forecast with downtime

Well Watchlist

Prioritize wells for focused action

Tailored Action

Inform your fronts lines on individual well performance for tailored action

Production Dasboard
Production Dasboard
Production Dasboard